New Haven “Lincoln” Mantel Clock

This is a New Haven “Lincoln” Westminister (or Westminster, depending on whom you ask) chime mantel clock, made in the 1920s in New Haven, Connecticut.

The case is a beautiful mahogany solid wood in excellent condition, and it has one of the nicest sounding chimes I have heard.  For those of you who like the sound of a nice chime coupled with a bit of a deco look, you’re in for a treat!

The price is $350.00 with a 1 year warranty.  Click on the picture for a closer look, and let me know when you want to come and pick it up.


3 Responses to “New Haven “Lincoln” Mantel Clock”

  1. Kevin West Says:

    Harold is the kind of person who you hope repairs your antique clock.he is thorough and knowledgeable.You wont be disapointed with Harold selling you or repairing a clock for you.’Kevin West

  2. Kamelle Webb Says:

    What is the difference between this Lincoln clock and a New Haven “Harmoniste” 1930 Conn clock?

  3. Donna C Says:

    I have a clock just like this that I want to sell – it does not run. I have 2 other clocks to sell. Do you buy clocks?

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